Top 25 Best ebook Reader Android Apps (ePub & PDF)

Books are undoubtedly “a uniquely portable magic” as quoted by the prominent author Stephen King. In the contemporary world of smartphones and tablets more weight is added to the word PORTABLE. With Amazon Kindles and Apple iPads in our hands the way we read has been reimagined and reshaped.

An entire library of books can be carried in a tiny memory chip in the form of digitized versions called e-books.

One needs a proper medium on which the e-book is displayed. I mean a great ebook reader that makes reading fun and hassle-free. When it comes to the debate – Which is the top best ebook Reader for Android Phones and Tablets? I can only share my opinion.

It is for you to download the prioritized apps and make a choice by checking which one fits your need the most.


Few crucial points to have in mind before downloading any ebook Reader app :

  • Make sure the app allows you to adjust the font size.
  • It has to support both landscape and portrait orientations to view the book anyway you please.
  • Easy navigation with a slightest tap or swipe & without any delays is very important indeed.
  • Should be compatible with almost all formats such as epub, pdf, mobi etc and also play audio books.
  • Overall it has to go easy on your eyes causing no eye-fatigue or strain.

Here comes the list of 25 Best apps for ebook reading…

1# Moon+ Reader

Moon+ ebook Reader incrementally gained huge respect and popularity among the android users since it’s arrival. Available as both Free & Pro version, Moon+ Reader offers support to myriad of formats such as epub, pdf, umd, fb2, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, txt, html, zip or OPDS, rar.

On landscape orientation mode one can actually view two pages (dual page) at the same time. 10+ Themes allow you to choose different scenarios or serene backgrounds that will calm your mood eventually.


Most of the features that are present in Pro version are present in free version yet Pro version has it’s own advantages. Few benefits include that it is completely ad-free, password-protection at startup, Text-to-speech engine fires up once the phone is shaken. Several fonts and background images can be hand-picked.

You may download moon+ pro .apk file for free by going to various websites but I strongly recommend to install it via Google Play Store to stay secured and also to support the developer.

The app size is about 8mb, requires Android 2.2 & up. Pro version is the best way to get rid of annoying ads. Sometimes pro version is offered at discounted price.

Get Moon+ Free version (or) buy Pro version

2# FBReader

Being an acronym for Favourite Book Reader it certainly meets one’s expectations. The paper-ish background is often commendable. It is easy to filter and sort out ebooks more precisely by name of the author, tags and titles. A tap-away to switch between bookshelf view and thumbnail views.


Open and view Microsoft Office document formats like .doc (MS Word), .rtf, .txt, .html file extensions along with standard formats such as ePub (ePub3), DjVu, PDF (supported via free plugins), Kindle azw3 & fb2(.zip).

If the device is connected to the Internet via Wifi take the help of synchronization options and seamlessly upload all ebooks to the server as a backup.

FBReader is unhesitantly one among the best Free ebook Readers for Android.

3# Universal Book Reader

This amazing ebook app looks elegant and flashy. It let’s you browse & import through the entire library of books using the integrated file browser. You can name it “The eBook Management App”.


Want to bookmark a specific page that you might want to refer later? Universal Book Reader is the answer. Books that are organized on shelves can be viewed in both list or grid pattern. Initially there were minor bug issues like constant lagging and other navigation related issues. Most of them are fixed now.

If you are willing to open an ebook directly and quickly, it’s ideal to create a shortcut link to homescreen with the help of UBR.

4# eReader Prestigio

To check upon the words and complex vocabulary while reading, a dictionary is quite essential. In eReader Prestigio an inbuilt dictionary with Color Dict is at one’s disposal. Just like in Moon+ reader app, it has beautiful book backgrounds and multiple shelf themes that can be added.


This app is great for synchronizing and transferring your ebooks between two or many devices. Storing more than 50,000 text books in their repository, eRP developers allows us to make In-App purchases.

5# AlReader

AlReader app is specially programmed for fiction-book lovers. It has compatibility even for older android versions i.e. from v(1.6). Has support for the archives that are in .gz and .zip formats. Two autoscroll features are included in the package and they are named as “slide” and “wave”.


It is perfect app for customizing and there is a brightness controller which can be adjusted for reading at much dimmer light than your normal mobile settings would give. According to many sources it’s a much better app than Kindle Reader. Paging is more realistic with simple 3D animations.

6# EBook Reader Pro

Claiming it satisfies your needs Ebook Reader Pro can automatically scan the books on your memory card and add them to the library. The book shelves of this app are known for their rich view. Even the page views are easily customizable.


Your smartphone’s volume keys can also be used to turn the pages effortlessly (a part of custom binding function keys). Setting the page speed is another feature along with flip, slide & shift effect animations. Adding bookmarks is very convenient too with setting the reading interface touch action. Navigating to the phrase your are looking for can be done using the Full-text search functionality.

7# PocketBook

PocketBook has an autoscroll feature which many similar apps in the store lack. The main aim of the app is to provide user friendly interface. Swipe, Tap and use volume buttons for turning the pages.


Make a quick note and highlights then export them to a file. To increase the font-size pinch and zoom gesture works well. PDF files can be rendered very fast in PocketBook Reader. The page margins can be cropped either manually or automatically. Read your favourite book in Sepia, Gray modes and also set background and text color to your taste.

8# iReader

Are you a Novel and Comic Strips enthusiast? Then iReader is for you. With eye-catchy typesetting design it can automatically divide the text into multiple different chapters.


It is said to be completely ad-free. With no advertisements reading can be much more intriguing. Also find numerous latest, popular and copyrighted books in their featured tab.

9# PDF Reader

PDF Reader allows us to send, translate, share & copy various selections such as bookmarks. Email a page in the form of an image to Gmail and also transfer it to Skype, Viber.


Pro version of PDF Reader is overall the best ad-free pdf viewer app.

10# PageTurner

PageTurner supports EPUB formats alone. It is an open source ebook reader released under GPLv3 license. Download books directly from famous ebook websites like Gutenberg, Smashwords and Feedbooks. You don’t even need a Google Drive or Dropbox account for synchronizing reading status among devices.


PageTurner Pro version has very intuitive configurations with extra support from the developers.

Other 15 Readers are tabulated below:

N0.AppNotable Features
11# Cool Reader Support for OPDS online catalogs & Japanese, Korean, Chinese languages.
12#Scribd There are widerange of audiobooks and comics.
13#FullReader+ Own wallpapers can be imported to use as a background. Supports almost every format.
14#Pickwik Santa Extra fonts can be added via sdcard. Opens cbr and cbz formats.
15# Litter Penguin’s  Cutting of white colored borders of a document is possible and also crop margins manually.
16# Google Play Books Powered with offline reading. New York Times best-sellers suggestions.
17# Kobo Books Images and Tables are rendered clearly.
18# DigitalPress Free Books 23,468+ classics books can be accessed without paying a penny. It includes one of the best handpicked novels of the past centuries.
19# Nook Great for kid’s books. Newpapers and Magazines can be read as well.
20# Mantano Supports Adobe DRM just like Aldiko.
21# Wattpad Many genres to choose from including romance, memes, short-stories.
22# Amazon Kindle Has built-in Wikipedia and Google along with other dictionaries. Print replica books can be read on any android tablet.
23# DJDevelopers PDF Reader Static Orientation can be set so that there won’t any tilting of the page even if the phone is rotated vertically or horizontally.
24# Oodles Has a collection of 50,000 free classics.
25# Skoob EPUB ReaderMinimalistic & Clean UI. Adfree version yet to be released.

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TappLock : World’s Smartest or Dumbest Padlock?

Padlocks – quite popular for their portability, we carried these shiny little gadgets for decades inorder to prevent theft and vandalism. Almost every gym locker and bike owner owns one. The early vintage version came with a key and later it revolutionized to a digit number combination lock.

To whatever extent technology has reshaped our daily tools maybe, we still tend to forget where we put our keys or wallets. There are many reasons to why you didn’t remember or otften lost them. For some it might be a memory problem and for others it’s just lack of attention.

Before you order for a new set of padlocks that come at best deals online you might want to take a look at this “cutting-edge” invention called TappLock and reconsider your shopping.

Tapp is a digitally encrypted padlock that functions using your fingerprints as a key. You need not be a biometrics fan or an artificial intelligence enthusiast to use a padlock that works just fine with your fingerprints. It’s much simpler than you think.


Just place your finger on the sensor for detection and verification, then kaboom! It magically opens. That’s just like saying “open sesame” in Ali baba and the forty thieves story. Once you tap on to the sensor screen the time it takes to authorize and open is about 0.8 seconds.

This started as a crowd funding project at Indiegogo by a team of 8+ members who belongs to a Canadian tech startup, Pishon Lab Inc. The firm currently designed and rolled out two variations as part of their series. A thickset TappLock and TappLock Lite . Both look sturdy, except that the thickset version can be used as a portable smartphone battery charger on the go. Lite version is specially designed for luggages and backpacks.

Overall differences and specifications are tabulated below:

 Features Tapplock (Beefy)Tapplock (Lite)
 Access by Fingerprint Recognition Yes Yes
 Bluetooth  (AES 128-bit military standard encryption) Yes Yes
 Sharing Access to multiple users Yes Yes
 Water Resistant (LIQUIPEL Partnership) Yes Yes
 Emergency Portable Charger (Built-In) YesNo
 Battery Type RechargeableReplaceable
 Battery Life 3 Years6 Months
 Supports App Battery Life Notification YesYes
Security Details Alarm, Bluetooth 4.1 & Anti-shimBluetooth 4.1 & Anti-shim only

To get assured for quality and keep the production going the team currently needs to raise about $40,000 to build moulds and additional improvements. They already have working prototypes with them. The final testing for reliability and latest designs will take completion by march, 2016.

TappLock Lite and TappLock shipping will be done by September and November respectively in this year. They are even planning to release an app that works for Apple iOS, Android and Windows platforms to have full control over the gadget.

Price DetailsTappLock’s cost is $66 whereas Lite variation costs around $44.

Is it hackable, breakable, reliable? We can’t answer this yet. But this is certainly not the first finger scanning padlock seen by the world. iFingerLock surfaced the web and hit the consumers pretty badly (reviews on amazon).

Nevertheless, the whole concept is pretty admirable though. Let’s wait and see what future holds for theteam Pishon. Till then whoever are mastering the age old art of picklocking will have good days. Never misplace your keys or forget the combination codes. Be safe and secure when it comes to something valuable.

A padlock that either takes iris scan or facial geometry recognition is yet to be invented, maybe? Share your thoughts.

Take a Peek at the first flower in Space by NASA (Pictures)

Astronaut Scott Kelly recently made a new friend. Not on earth but in space. Not a human but a lifeform that is way more gorgeous – an edible Orange Zinnia.

Several attempts were made late last year to grow zinnia species in their zero-gravity vegetable garden but unfortunately plants died due to excess humidity (over-watering) and mold.

Kelly eventually figured out they must be watered only when needed but not on a schedule basis as recommended by NASA. As soon as the flower bloomed he tweeted the picture. It looks more like a gerbera and is usually eaten along with salads.

NASA Orange Zinnia
Image Credit : Scott Kelly (Twitter)

This is not the first grown plant in space. Earlier a romaine lettuce was nurtured and tasted. International Space Station (ISS) crew are looking forward to create a sustainable living in space which can be very helpful if they are going to explore the red planet, Mars. Unlike Matt Damon who grows and survives just on potatoes in the movie ‘The Martian’, our astro-farmers might have more varieties in their mind.

Out in the sun for the 1st time (Image Credit : Scott Kelly)
Out in the sun for the 1st time (Image Credit : Scott Kelly)

Scott Kelly is a determined man and even more popular for sending his first thank you note from space that was broadcasted on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Get Moon+ Reader Pro App at 50% off (Discount)

It’s christmas time! Good time for everyone, especially for the shoppers. Atleast one of their few wishes might come true. For those who wish for an ultimate ebook reader app on their android phones and tablets here comes a great deal.

For sometime now you must’ve heard about Moon+ Reader. Might have even used the free version of the app. It’s a great alternative for ebook reader apps such as Kindle, Kobo, Scribd, Oyster, Nook, Aldiko. Only drawback is it’s not available for iOS users.

I have to agree that most of the features present in Pro version are available in free version as well. But there are few upsides to upgrade it.

Distraction-free reading comes at a cost. The pro version is completely ad-free and non-intrusive. If you are a subscriber of Dropbox or GDrive services it’s easy to share, download, upload, backup & sync your book files using a Pro version. Cool background themes, adjustable fonts and images are added assets.


As a bonus it comes with widget shelf support where you effortlessly group your favourite books together.

Other salient features of the app includes Text to speech engine, Home screen shortcut, Annotations, Bookmarks & Highlights, Headset and Bluetooth keys control, email support for the customers and protection for passwords on startup.

Normally the app costs around $4.99 which is now dropped to a price of $2.49. This offer is available as a limited period offer from 21, Dec, 2015 to 4, Jan, 2016 commemorating both Christmas and New Year!

IMHO, it’s a better choice to buy it rather than to download Moon+ Reader .apk file on pirated websites. Your action will not only help the developer it also helps you back by offering extra security.

Buy & Install Moon+ Reader Pro App ( Google Play Store )

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas!